Plasma Pen Pro PRE-Treatment

Prior to obtaining a Plasma Fibroblast Skin Treatment, we highly recommend to follow this pre-treatment form in order to avoid any possible complications or unwanted side effects.

  • Be In Good Health. In order for your body to be at its most optimal healing stage, you should be in good health and avoid doing any PPP treatments if you are sick (cold, flu, etc), or undergoing any medical procedures (surgery, etc), or if you suffer from any uncontrolled illness (Diabetes, Cancer, etc).
  • Darker Skin Types. This treatment works best on skin types 1-3 (Very light to Medium toned skin). If you are medium to dark (types 4-5), a patch test may be necessary to ensure that you heal well and do not form keloids or hyper/hypopigment. This treatment is not recommended for skin type 6
    (Dark Skin) because of the risk of keloid formation and hypopigmentation.
  • Botox. Botox should be injected at least two weeks prior to a PPP treatment, and 4-6 weeks after a PPP treatment.
  • Avoid the Sun. You should avoid the sun as much as possible in general, however, definitely 2 weeks prior and 4-6 weeks after a PPP treatment, we highly recommend no active tanning (tanning beds, beach, vacation in hot climates, etc).
  • Cold Sore. If you suffer from Herpes/Cold sores you should start a viral medication treatment at least 1 week prior to having a PPP treatment. Please notify Asteria Skin Aesthetics so we can call in a preventative prescription.
  • Accutane. You should not use Accutane for 6-12 months before your treatment.
  • Lidocaine. You should not be allergic to numbing creams, especially Lidocaine, Benzocaine and Tetracaine. If you are unsure we can do a patch test to make sure no allergy exists.

Starting 2 weeks before your scheduled treatment, you should:

  • Stop use of all Retinols. This includes Retin A, Tazorac, “anti-aging” products
  • Stop use of all glycolic or salicylic acid treatments being treated by PPP
  • Stop waxing in the area(s) being treated by PPP
  • Stop any abrasive scrubs in the area(s) being treated by PPP
  • Stop microdermabrasion treatments in the area(s) being treated by PPP