Plasma Pen Pro (Fibroblasting)

A Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) devise uses a plasma arc to treat tissue/skin that has been damaged. A small plasma arc is triggered to the dermal and epidermal tissue at different depths depending on the severity of the damaged tissue. This arc causes heat to widen and contract skin cells. The excess skin is then reduced due to the contraction leaving the skin tightened and toned by virtually removing existing wrinkles.

This device resurfaces skin and can be compared to a fractional or CO2 treatment but is delivered to the skin safely and can be used on ANY area of skin - even upper eyelids and under eye region.

The PPP delivers a controlled trauma to the skin but leaves the skin with NO open wounds.

After the initial treatment small “dot-like” scabs will fall of in 5-7 days. It is very important to follow the post-care instructions. The treatment give you 50% of the results while the post care is the remaining 50%.

A consultation appointment is required prior to treatment to review exact pricing, pre and post treatment requirements. Pending the severity of the skin damage 1-3 treatments may be needed to reach your goal.

Pricing can range ($100-$2500+) depending on the skin type, severity and location of the requested treatment area.

This is an amazing treatment that provides surgical results without the surgery or extended downtime. Average social downtime ranges from 5-10 days.

Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Mihailovic, has been professionally trained and certified in the Fibroblast technique (PPP).