Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash (Lash) Extensions are synthetic or natural fibers that mimic a single eyelash that are attached with adhesive to each of your individual eyelashes. This service can add fullness, length, curliness and thickness to your natural eyelashes.
Lash extensions come in all types of sizes to help achieve your desired look. Shapes from cat-eye, to natural to volume are determined at your consultation based on your natural eye shape and lash strength. This is not to be confused with false eyelashes as eyelash extensions are applied one by one and not by the strip.

To have a full set of lashes depending on your desired goal can take approximately 1-2 hours. Post care if very important in maintaining the eyelashes and making them last the longest. Most eyelash extension fills are scheduled around the 3-4 week mark and take about 45 min -1 hour to complete.

Michelle Cavada, our medical esthetician, has been professional trained and certified in eyelash extensions. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

Post Care Instructions:

  • Do Not get your eyelashes wet for 24 hours
  • Do Not use a sauna, spa or take a hot/steamy shower for the first 24 hours Do Not pull or rub your eyelashes
  • Do Not use oil-based makeup removers Do Not use eyelash curlers
  • Do be gentle with your new eyelashes
  • Do use the provided eyelash brush to separate and comb thru lashes Do use a blot to dry technique when the get wet
  • You can also use a blow dryer on a cool setting with low speed to dry them from the bottom up to help them be fluffy and curlier.
  • Do schedule your eyelash extension fill in 3-4 weeks for maintenance



Classic Full Set $135.00
Class Fill $75.00

Volume Full Set $175.00
Volume Fill $80.00

Eyelash Lift $85.00
Eyelash Tint $15.00